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Recruiting is an important component of any successful business. At Employee Magnets, we recognize this better than anyone. With over 15 years of professional job placement experience, we’re prepared to work directly with a business in order to find the right professional talent. We believe that it’s important to have the right individual for the position. When the right person is hired, it leads to more productivity and a higher retention rate. Particularly when you’re hiring mid-level and top-level management to run your office, managing your HR department, or taking the lead in an engineering department, you can’t hire “just anyone.” We take the time to find the right individual with our tried and true recruitment methods.

At Employee Magnets, we believe it starts with recruiting the right individuals. We have top-notch recruiters who work to find professionals within specific fields. We are not just about filling a position, however. We want to make sure that it’s a lasting connection. This means finding a balance so that both the employer and employee are happy with the match. If one isn’t feeling it, the retention won’t last for long.

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We focus on skills, personality, communication, and more. It’s what ensures that the match is capable of lasting.

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After all, every company is different. Job positions vary considerably from one company to the next, as do expectations. Workplace cultures are drastically different, too. Where one person may thrive another person may struggle.

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Our years of experience have prepared us for how to overcome these differences to ensure that there is a good match. When we provide a successful pairing, everyone wins.

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Some of the top employers in Texas have turned to us to fill their open positions or seek out temporary employees when working on projects.

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The companies that we work with continue to turn to us because of our passion for success. Companies need to have a good match when it comes to skillset and workplace culture. Unique recruiting, interview tactics to find the right person with the right organization.

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Simply tell us more about what it is that you’re looking for. We will work closely with your company to find out about the position and your culture to ensure that we’re able to get a great fit.






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They will take all your needs and wants and will EXECUTE!! I would recommend them to everybody, thank you so much Ana for this life changing opportunity.

Mike G

The staff are true pros! Victoria listened to my needs and didn’t just throw me into a mundane position just to fill a slot on their boards. She understood what I was looking for in a career and found me an excellent job with great pay and top-notch benefits!

Eddy M

So glad I signed up with them! I’ve worked with them in the past, but when I needed a career change, Elsy responded quickly and got me on a great position. Recommended to anybody looking for professionals!

Wendy C

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