Recruiting can be a time-consuming process. If you hire the wrong person, it can lead to problems with customer service, a loss in productivity, as well as a loss of money. You need leaders and that’s what we aim to supply.

Working with Employee Magnets allows you to focus on hiring the right people the first time around. We’ll help you to reduce your turnover while increasing productivity by helping you to hire highly engaged individuals.

Our 5-step process is designed to provide you with the staffing that you need.






In the DISCOVERY phase, we learn more about the needs of your company. We want to focus on long-term goals and get to know your culture. By thoroughly understanding more about how your business operates, we can make it easier to find the talented candidates that will fit within your workplace culture.

In the MINING phase, we access our database of skilled talent to find a match for you. Our recruiters have extensive industry knowledge and a wide array of connections to find the best candidates for your business.

In the SCRUTINIZING phase, we learn more about potential candidates beyond what their resume says. This is a meticulous and comprehensive system that makes it possible for us to provide better matches for the companies that we work with.

In the ACQUIRING phase, we acquire all of the necessary documents and the certifications to make it easier for you to onboard the employee. We verify all of the details to ensure that the candidate is as authentic as they present themselves to be.

In the SERVICING phase, we stay by your side to ensure that you are satisfied with the employees that we provide you. We will stay in touch to ensure that the placements work well for you. As things change, we can provide training as well as search for new employees that will better fit your changing environment.

Different Employee Relationship Solutions

We understand that there are various needs within every business. You may have specific positions that you need to have filled at all times, such as office professionals, accountants, pharmacists, and department heads. We are happy to provide direct placement for all of these different positions.

Periodically, you may get projects that require more hands-on to get the job done. We can fill contracts for short-term and long-term projects so that you get the help that you need without offering a full-time position only to terminate it a few months later. For example, if your HR manager is out on family leave, we can provide a temporary replacement.

Additionally, we provide contract-to-hire positions where you can test out a person in a specific contract. For a while before deciding whether you want to offer them a full-time position. This is of importance when you’re seeking top-level management positions. You need the right fit for your department to function properly and we understand this.

Recruiting doesn’t have to be a challenging task. When you have an opening, contact our recruiters. We are capable of attracting professional talent for you all across Texas.